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Our Story

miinu is a Black-women owned and operated business. We aim to create staple products that suit all body types and prioritize comfort with an emphasis on skin-tone diversity. We are the only American company that offers our flagship product, in tones suited for Black women. Our products not only provide quality that is on par with several high end intimates brands, but also cater to a large portion of buyers who have historically been excluded from “nude” offerings and digital content– women of color.

Miinu shoppers report that our clothes provide the utmost comfort and support while also allowing them to feel seen and represented. Primarily, we are creating an inclusive brand that places marginalized identities at the forefront. Intimates are only the beginning. Our future offerings will include a wide array of closet staples in inclusive sizes and colors.

When we started, several manufacturers didn’t have a true or baseline understanding of what we were asking for and therefore offered little to no guidance as we worked through nude color customizations for darker skin tones. It took close to a year to finally find a good match with a manufacturer who was ready to take a chance on our product. This didn’t come without a cost. While products suited to lighter skin shades had production requirement numbers in double digits, our customized shade offerings for darker skin tones had minimums in the thousands. 

miinu exists at the intersection of community and commerce: providing high quality, inclusive products that suit a wide range of body types and prioritize comfort. Our mission is fulfilled when our customers, especially women of color, are able to find products in nudes that are suited to the color of their skin.

Traditionally, flesh tones have not been offered in shade ranges that cater to women of color. Ideally, when our products land with our customers, they feel satisfied with knowing that their needs have been met. miinu is the only American company offering a convertible adhesive bra in shades created for Black women.

We started miinu in 2019, to provide a space for women of color in an industry that has historically ignored our needs. We as Black women, saw and felt the gap within the brands we spent our dollars with and mobilized. Not only do we create for all with an emphasis on women of color in our product lines, but we also provide consistent representation through our digital content and social media channels.

Our brand ethos was borne out of community, togetherness and inclusion.  The essence of our brand rests on celebrating communities of color and is a crossing point for commerce and community


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